Amazon Leads the Way in Climate Change – Reducing Waste with AI

Amazon Leads the Way in Climate Change – Reducing Waste with AI
Photo by NASA / Unsplash

Amazon, a Co-Founder of the Climate Pledge, is taking steps to reduce their carbon emissions and reach the goals of the Paris Agreement ahead of schedule. To achieve this goal, Amazon has turned to the power of machine learning and a combination of computer vision and natural language processing to optimize packaging and reduce waste. This has resulted in a 36% reduction in packaging weight, which is equivalent to over 2 billion shipping boxes saved in the past six years.

Feedback from customers is also an integral part of Amazon’s sustainability efforts as it provides valuable data needed for machine learning algorithms to improve. This information, from both successfully delivered products and those that arrived damaged, is then used by the AI to refine and optimize Amazon’s packaging recommendations.

As a result of Amazon’s efforts to use AI to optimize their packaging, the company has been able to reduce their waste and become more sustainable, while still providing a high level of customer satisfaction. It is clear that Amazon is leading the charge in achieving the goals of the Paris Agreement and making a difference in the fight against climate change.

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