Amazon to Combat Counterfeiting and Help Italian Businesses Globally

Amazon to Combat Counterfeiting and Help Italian Businesses Globally
Photo by Francesco La Corte / Unsplash

The Italian Embassy in the United States, in collaboration with the Italian Trade Agency and Guardia di Finanza, has recently held a panel event to discuss the protection of Made in Italy products in the USA. Amazon’s Italy Policy and Strategy Director, Bianca Maria Martinelli, spoke of the various initiatives the company has undertaken to support and protect the interests of Italian SMEs.

Through programs such as Brand Registry, Transparency, and Project Zero, Amazon is offering tools to aid Italian businesses in protecting their intellectual property, as well as providing access to a network of law firms to facilitate trademark registration. Amazon has also partnered with institutions like Europol, the Guardia Civil, and the regional police services of Germany to combat counterfeiting.

Finally, Amazon is looking to further facilitate the trademark registration process for SMEs and to expand its collaboration with the private and public sector. Through the support of Amazon, the dream of SMEs to export their Made in Italy products worldwide is becoming a reality.

Protecting ‘Made in Italy’ in the USA
International and Italian data show how important it is for SMEs both in Italy and abroad to be proficient with current digital tools while valuing the preservation of one’s brand.