Why U.S. Sellers Are Flocking To Europe For Sustainable Business Growth

Why U.S. Sellers Are Flocking To Europe For Sustainable Business Growth
Photo by Christian Lue / Unsplash

As fears of an economic downturn loom, U.S.-based Amazon sellers are increasingly looking at expanding to European markets. Experts have seen a surge of interest in the U.K. and Germany, two of the largest markets for Amazon’s marketplace, as businesses look to diversify their income and protect against global factors.

Agencies whose clients are expanding to the U.K. and Germany cite the size and reliability of these markets as key factors. Germany is the fourth biggest economy globally and has a culture of acceptance and high average income, making it an attractive option for many U.S. sellers. The U.K. also has its appeal due to the fact that language barriers are less of an issue.

The decision to expand to other countries is one that should not be taken lightly and experts advise brands to do proper market research and analysis, understand the economics of the market, and determine their logistics and fulfillment strategy. Ultimately, overseas expansion provides an opportunity for U.S. sellers to increase their reach and protect their businesses from global uncertainty.

Amazon Briefing: To protect against an economic downturn, more Amazon sellers are considering expanding to Europe
Some U.S.-based Amazon sellers are looking at expansion into Europe as one of their primary focus areas this year.