[W47 2022] - Weekly Amazon Digest

Amazon historical losses | New account immunity assurance for sellers and Amazon EU moves to paper bags [W47 2022]

[W47 2022] - Weekly Amazon Digest
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📰 In the Amazon news in the past days:

⁃ Amazon quietly opens its logistics network to third-party merchants in Europe & India. Amazon is extending its shipping services to third-party retailers. The business move will see Indian businesses and brands grow their markets overseas. [Techcrunch]

⁃ How Alexa is Enabling People to Live Independent Lives
Amazon's voice-assisting service Alexa is an innovative and practical tool for customers worldwide. Aside from helping people in planning and organization, it is instrumental in enhancing self-sufficiency. [Amazon UK]

⁃ The Reason Behind Amazon's Cutbacks
Amazon started downsizing its employee numbers this week. The move is contrary to the company's culture of increasing its hires at the end of the year. [Retailbrew]

⁃ Amazon Switches to Recyclable Cardboard Envelopes and Paper Bags for Orders Shipped from their European Fulfilment Centres
Amazon replaced single-use plastic delivery bags and envelopes with a more sustainable packaging approach. Amazon’s European distribution network will now use recyclable paper bags and cardboard envelopes for all items sold, including third-party selling partners using Fulfilment by Amazon. [Amazon US]

⁃ Amazon’s Historic Value Loss - A first in the US Market
Amazon becomes the first U.S public company to lose $1 trillion of its market value. The decline in earnings is a consequence of inflation, stringent fiscal policies, and an unprecedented drop in revenue. [Bloomberg]

⁃ Will TikTok Compete with Amazon in eCommerce?
TikTok recently listed job postings, hiring staff to build fulfillment centers in the US for warehousing, delivery, and processing returns. The move elicited speculation about the social media giant's intention to join eCommerce. [Tinuiti]

⁃ Amazon account immunity - the new Account Health Assurance by Amazon for Sellers. Immunity maybe not, but definitely a good news for Amazon sellers who will be able to sleep better with an official Amazon solution guaranteeing that Amazon will not deactivate your account. No, it's not a prank. [Amz Group]

🗓️ Upcoming Events and Webinars:

⁃ 21th to 22th November 2022 - Digital Marketing World Forum
⁃ 7th Dec 2022 - Webinar Amazon Business: Find and add the right products for Amazon Business customers
- 5th Dec 2022 - Amazon Academy 2022 in Brussels!

That's all for this week! 👋

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