FBA and Delivery Costs Feeling the Benefits of Lower Gas Prices

FBA and Delivery Costs Feeling the Benefits of Lower Gas Prices
Photo by charles Lebegue / Unsplash

In recent months, several companies have been quietly lowering prices or dropping fuel surcharges they tacked onto services due to the decrease in gas prices. Amazon recently ended its 5% “fuel & inflation” fee on third-party sellers who use their fulfillment service, while Instacart removed their 40 cent fuel charge in June. Shipping companies like FedEx are also adjusting their fuel surcharges, saving customers money.

The decrease in fuel prices has also brought savings on delivery, shipping, and flights, although airlines may not list fuel surcharges on receipts. Airfare in particular was expensive last year due to high fuel prices, and customers have been benefiting from the decline since early December.

Overall, the drop in gas prices has been a welcome relief for companies and customers alike, and businesses are beginning to adjust accordingly. Sellers and brands should take note of these changes and make sure they’re not overcharging customers or paying more than necessary.

Amazon, Uber and Other Companies Are Dropping Fuel Surcharges After Gas Prices Plunge
Many companies tacked on fuel surcharges in 2022 to cope with rising gas prices.