Key Takeaways from Amazon Unboxed 2022

Key Takeaways from Amazon Unboxed 2022

Thousands of Amazon gurus and advertisers attended Amazon's flagship in New York. The event ran from October 25th to 27th, 2022, and hosted speakers from across the world. Amazon focused on announcing new and exciting features and products for advertisers to increase their leverage on the platform. Here are the top announcements on Amazon from Unboxed 2022.

Top Takeaways from Amazon Unboxed 2022

Amazon Creative Services

Amazon announced many creative services featuring a new public beta program for Video Builder. The video builder program allows brands to create Sponsored Brands video placements for free by providing customizable templates. This feature is crucial to small and medium-sized businesses that find it challenging to create videos with limited resources.

Amazon DSP Digital Signage Ads

Advertisers on Amazon DSP can bring in-store campaigns to life through the Digital Signage Ads feature. The primary goal of Amazon is to provide brands with an opportunity to meet their objectives with innovative in-store signage ads. According to Amazon, the feature will be available in November for US advertisers through a managed service.

Amazon Marketing Cloud Partner Program

The Amazon Marketing Cloud has several tools to help advertisers plan, measure, and optimize campaigns. Amazon announced further investing in AMC through increasing signals to provide more ways to take action on insights and offer more support to partners.

Quick Draw Sponsorship

New features announced in the Amazon Unboxed 2022 spread out to the What to Watch App with the introduction of the Quick Draw Sponsorship product. The program helps users identify what they want to watch effortlessly. Advertisers can also enjoy this product with in-app sponsorships as other viewers discover more content.

Brands that don't sell on Amazon can reach new customers through the Sponsored Display advertising feature. The product has no minimum spend and looks to benefit shoppers, advertisers and streamers by providing a richer mix of brand and business ads. The ads will be more relevant and offer services beyond Amazon's boundaries, like education and hospitality.

Performance Recommendations

Businesses cut down on guesswork and troubleshooting when optimizing campaigns. The Amazon Performance Recommendations focus on new advertisers and help create efficient, effective, and ideal Sponsored Products campaigns. The recommendations will help identify underperforming campaigns quickly while providing advertisers with more insights.


The new products and features announced at the Amazon Unboxed 2022 make Amazon a more effective and productive platform. Most of these features focused on creating a better environment for advertisers to reach new audiences while promoting their brands.