Robot Takeover: Amazon's Transition from Human to Robotic Workforce

Robot Takeover: Amazon's Transition from Human to Robotic Workforce
Photo by Alex Knight / Unsplash

Amazon is transitioning to a hybrid workforce that mixes humans and robots, specifically for its warehouses. According to the ARK invest executive, Sam Korus, the number of robots in Amazon's workforce has risen from one in 2013 to 520k in 2022.

ARK Invest CEO Brett Winton believes that Amazon will have more robots in the future, and this could effectively replace more workers in its warehouse.

Amazon's robotic fleet is designed to make the workplace more efficient, with these machines helping out people in their daily operations. The latest robot from the company is the Sparrow, which is a mechanical arm designed to pack goods in containers. There is also the Proteus, which is an autonomous robot that can transport large carts in its warehouses.

The good thing about Amazon's robotic fleet is that it makes workplace management better. However, there is a massive possibility that it could grow more in the future, and this means that the company may have fewer workers to prioritize more machines. It remains to be seen if Amazon will eventually replace human workers with robots in the near future.

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