Shoppable Videos are Here: Amazon Pays Influencers to Boost Inspire

Shoppable Videos are Here: Amazon Pays Influencers to Boost Inspire
Photo by Malte Helmhold / Unsplash

Amazon, the e-commerce giant, is jumping onboard the short vertical video trend with its new feature, Inspire. To kick off the launch, Amazon has been paying influencers to make content for the feature ahead of the public launch. The incentives range from cash payments to Amazon gift cards to a commission rate of 1-20% for product sales.

For creators and brands, Amazon’s Inspire provides the perfect opportunity to create content that is quickly engaging and connects them with shoppers directly on the Amazon app. Influencers and brands can repurpose existing content to make shoppable videos, and smaller creators can form relationships with brands and increase sales with UGC-style content.

Amazon is hoping Inspire will be an appealing shopping platform for its customers, and is rolling out the new feature to all U.S. customers in the coming months. It’s a big move for Amazon and the industry overall, and definitely worth keeping an eye on for those trying to capitalize on social shopping.

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