Amazon Previews the MK30s Drone Delivery New Design

Amazon Previews the MK30s Drone Delivery New Design
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Amazon is among the leading marketplaces that use drones to streamline their delivery. The MK30 is the latest model with increased range, light-rain flying capabilities, and expanded tolerance to extreme temperatures.

The primary reason behind the all-new delivery drone design is to encourage more customers to opt for drone delivery. It also guarantees a quick and cost-effective approach to delivering customer packages. The fully-electric drones will take less than an hour to deliver packages under 5 pounds.

The MK30 drone will be smaller, lighter, and less noisy than its predecessors. Amazon looks to achieve a sophisticated, innovative, and safe delivery approach that can function at greater distances while avoiding other airborne obstacles.

Amazon to start drone deliveries in California and Texas this year
The fully-electric drones will be able to deliver packages weighing less than 2.2 kilograms to customers in less than an hour