Electric vans are bringing in your parcels this holiday season.

Electric vans are bringing in your  parcels this holiday season.
Photo by Andrew Stickelman / Unsplash

Amazon’s Rivian electric vehicles will step up delivery this holiday season. Amazon rolled out these vehicles in July and has since expanded its fleet to over 1,000 electric delivery vehicles. Customers from Las Vegas, Boston, Salt Lake City, Portland, New York, and other new cities will soon spot the vans delivering holiday gifts.

This year’s Amazon deliveries will be unique as they make the most of the new zero-emission vehicles. Udit Madan, Amazon Transportation’s VP, indicated that this development is part of the company’s goal of making 100,000 electric delivery vehicles. Fleet electrification will be decisive in reaching the world’s zero emissions goal.

Delivery drivers appreciate the safety, sustainability, and driver experience enhancers in these vehicles. Ventilated seats, the large windshield, and the spacious cabin area are among the driver’s favorite features. With more electric vehicles, Amazon is drawing closer to its goal of decarbonizing its transportation fleet.

Amazon’s new electric vans will be making deliveries in over 100 U.S. cities this holiday season
Since first rolling out in July, Amazon’s zero-emissions vehicles from Rivian have delivered more than 5 million packages to customers in the U.S.