Google Shopping is failing to Rival Amazon.

Google Shopping is failing to Rival Amazon.
Photo by Rubaitul Azad / Unsplash

Since launching in 2002, Google Shopping has failed to impress as a preferred shopping destination when compared to Amazon. Google Shopping is still finding it difficult to compete with Amazon in attracting people who are ready to make purchases, despite its efforts to entice more shops to list on the service.

Not only does Google Shopping fail to draw a comparable number of website visitors, but those who do go there spend much less time on the platform than they would on The bounce rate is substantially greater for Google Shopping (57.23%) than it is for (34.30%). According to a 2022 JungleScout research study, people are more likely to use Amazon (63%) than search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo (49%), when looking for products.

But Google's struggle to compete with Amazon through Google Shopping shouldn't overshadow its achievements in e-commerce through YouTube. YouTube's shopping and marketing solutions could develop into a meaningful rival to Amazon's expanding advertising business in the future.

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